Best Quality CBD Gummies for Wellness

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My Dear Wife and I use CBD + THC combined daily. It’s a microdose comprised of 50/50 of each 3 times daily. One year in and I know my athletic workouts are better, 100% better, No, but better recovery, better sleep, and the wellness it provides for our mental health / stress is noticeable.


I was giving Nemo CBD post op to help with his TPLO recovery. Seemed to help him. My brother, the chef who works on his feet 18hrs a day, takes CBD to get him thru it all.


I’ll add that I rarely smoke THC during the workweek, it’s just a better delivery for me to eat it. The offering for edibles is expanding, and the cost seems reasonable to me…


I would like to be added to the disappointed spreadsheet you guys have, because of this quote:

A woman fought off stage 3 ovarian cancer in her early thirties after adopting an entirely organic lifestyle that included hemp oil…Later, when people started asking how she managed to fight off a disease as awful as cancer, she believed that the hemp oil played a major role in giving her body the strength it needed to eradicate the disease.

Reading further, it appears she had a number of cancerous tumors removed surgically, and I cannot find a straightforward communication as to whether chemotherapy was actually received or not. I feel like it is not unreasonable for me to reach the conclusion that the marketing is trying to infer that alternative treatments cured her cancer, which is definitely not the whole story.


I have been trying CBD for about 2 years. All sorts of different variations…hemp based, cannabis based, 1:1, 20:1. 5mg, 50mg…you name it. I can’t seem to pinpoint if it works or not for anything? I drank an elixir from a dispensary in Vegas last year and it gave me about 15 minutes of clear focus, but other than that, how can you measure? Do you abstain and notice worse workouts and more stress?

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I’ve tried CBD for anxiety and I like it, but it I think some caution is warranted.

CBD hasn’t been well investigated and there are a lot of wild claims circulating, most unsupported by research. High doses (>20 mg/kg/day) have been shown to cause liver damage in mice. Very high doses (>600 mg/kg/day) were lethal.

Yeah, yeah something-or-other dihydrogen monoxide something something, I know, and I know it’s a mouse study. I’m just saying be careful is all.


I dunno. It seems like she alludes that it helped, but was not the sole thing that helped her thru. Good question for her. For all we know it could be voodoo combined with aerial pilates, with a sprinkle of sacrificial worshipping of meat products to the organic gods that did the trick :dizzy_face:

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I don’t think anyone really believes that CBD or any cannabis product really cures cancer. I do think that people can do a lot to help relax themselves and strengthen their bodies so that cancer treatments like chemo and surgery can be even more effective. I can see cannabis playing a role in that.


“Very high doses (>600 mg/kg/day) were lethal.” ← ZOINKS

I am 85kg, so in theory I would need to consume 1700mg per day to have liver damage. That’s solid information :raised_hands:t3:


That’s good information. Too much pure positive stuff out there about CBD, but it can’t be all good. Balanced info makes it more real.


OK, for once, I am going to shamelessly plug my business here.

Cannabinoids are only not the only medically useful component of cannabis.

We focus on the other important components, terpenes. I founded Fogg Flavor Labs in 2016 and we have been on the forefront of a booming terpene-enhancement industry. Our products have a ton of uses, but one of the best is flavoring and enhancing CBD oils.

You can find a ton of information on terpenes, strains and our profiles at Fogg Flavor Labs


Yeah cancer patient and science lover and CBD user here I have now edited some of the sponsored post for clarity.


Very very good to always look at the science rather than the marketing claims!


Or, as Ars Technica put it,


Also worth noting that if you dig into the scientific literature there are a number of studies that show that THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids can actually ACCELERATE cancer growth, although in other cases they seem to inhibit cancer growth. Unfortunately not enough work has been done to understand that contextual and preparation differences in the cannabinoids to draw strong conclusions about any of their effects in cancer.


I’m a medical cannabis patient and I use that as well as CBD/hemp.products. They work, hella well, but I really really caution folks against getting their info from people trying to sell you their products. You’re going to get really confused.

Do be diligent, do look for 3rd party certified lab testing and batch numbers on each individual product.

If you’re worried about quality, stay away from the startups and use big name/longtime industry player products like Bluebird, Charlotte’s Web, and Lazarus Naturals.

Not our quote, so you don’t get on our spreadsheet. Sorry!


Then there is the fact that the CBD industry still isn’t regulated. Increasingly, science tells us that bottles of CBD oil, edibles and vapes often don’t even contain the quantity of CBD the labels claim, if they contain any CBD at all.

Ultimately, you must trust the brand to be honest, trustworthy and to deliver what they say they deliver. How then am I supposed to trust a brand to do that when they have photoshopped the owner’s photo with so many smoothing filters it has lost almost all resemblance of reality? If you are willing to pass off a doctored photo, I’m not trusting your ingredients list. Sorry.

I’m not buying CBD products because the owner may look young, attractive, or even human. I’m buying because I can trust to brand to be straight with me about the product and deliver on the claims represented by that brand. Hope you find a way to remedy that because the rest of the messaging is on target.

Well, now @hotdogprincess is surely doubly disappointed! :wink:

And ref CBD, in the UK, this week, this:

Which reads like a real outrage until towards the end of the article it is stated that the farm in question never held a licence in the first place. With no clarity as to whether that was a mandatory requirement. Not the best piece of journalism from The Guardian, leaving that issue hanging, and thus making an ‘outrage’ article that may or may not have been about a real outrage, whisch is more the sort of thing the UK red-tops would do.

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