Best tea maker: Teavana Perfectea

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I use an almost identical one from Adagio Tea. Any of this style of tea maker is great if you use loose leaf teas.

Sun Tea is ridiculously easy to make and delicious beyond compare. We add a good measure of Whiskey to it for a little umph.

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I place a fine mesh tea basket right into the mug. Works great, painless to clean.

You can’t argue with personal choice, and if the teavana is Carla’s favorite, then it is her favorite. I’d think the tea would get cold while steeping in a small single-walled glass maker, but that’s just me.

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That sounds like a plus in my book, because I always have to wait for tea to be cool enough for me to drink.

Might depend on how long you steep it. I have a ceylon tea that I like, but it gets quite tannic past 4 minutes. My device of choice is also a single wall glass container (although in my case it’s a french press that we used to use for coffee) and for my steeping times, I get a cup of tea that is hot enough to require patience and caution right after I pour it.

There’s a difference between the tea cooling after brewing, and the tea cooling while brewing. The latter has some impact on the flavor profile, though whether that is an issue depends on one’s taste buds and tea variety. I grew up with the idea that tea should always be brewed with water fresh off a roiling boil, and held to temperature as long as possible (usually in a thick pottery teapot), but the modern wisdom seems to be that many teas should be brewed cooler (I’ve heard as low as 150F for green tea), in which case starting at boil and letting cool for 4 minutes while steeping might be better than the conventional wisdom.

Tea porn.


Sipping it right now.

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So it looks like “Sun Tea” is the latest delicious beyond compare fad.

You puts yer tea bags (?) in an enclosed glass jar and after a few hours - depending on the starting temperature of the water - voila a delicious cup.

Me, I prefer the expedient of a slow-burning tire as the heat source. Evidently it tastes the same and has the added benefit of eradicating those pesky old road donuts, without overloading landfill.

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Sun tea isn’t the latest fad. We made it when I was a kid. I’m 40. It’s been around a long, long time.


Naw dogg, sun tea is just good. It’s been here for decades. You know what the “fad” is? Refrigerator tea. It’s for whiny babies who can’t handle the off chance that sun tea might harbor bacteria. If you’re not on a boil water advisory and you use clean jars and tea the risk is minimal.

None of these can possibly provide enough tea…

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It’s plastic. I have one of these and often have to wait a few minutes before it’s cool enough to drink.

I do like this thing. I like how I can preload my mug with milk and/or sweetener and the action of the tea pouring into the mug mixes it up nice.

I also like that it fits perfectly on my favorite mug and matches the volume so there’s no risk of overflow. But that’s just serendipity.

I have one of these and my wife loves it. Just a good rinse daily for cleaning. It is a little painful to take apart for occasional intense or dishwasher cleaning - you have to line up the slots and such. Also, if you lose that little silicone-rubber ball nipple which is the basis of the bottom closing seal, you need to purchase a whole new steeper. They do not offer spare parts for this thing. To quote the sales person, “It’s only $20”.

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