Beth Cavener Stichter: uncomfortable and discomforting animal sculptures



They’re pretty cool, but it’s getting to where I can’t tell the art from the merchandise.


I’m a big fan of Stichter’s work, the scale and emotive content of her sculptures are something to behold. The first one pictured is entitled, “L’Amante” and is on display in the Chazen Museum at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There’s something deeply unsettling about being in its presence. There’s a strange eroticism to it, as well as the nervousness one feels when too close to an apex predator.

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Neat art, but I think you meant discomfiting.

You try lying on one of those things then! Discomfortable as all get out!

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Beth is amazing artist and has great work. The pieces are disturbing, poetic, and beautiful all at the same time. I live with two of her ‘Voyeur’ hares that look over our living room.

She is represented by my fathers Clark/DelVecchio formerly the Garth Clark Gallery in NYC.

I was an art major and I’m unconvinced that there has ever been a clear distinction between those two concepts.

Lascaux, baby. Those guys were uncorrupted by corporate sponsorship.

Are you kidding me? Clearly those artists were just sell outs for Big Game.

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