Phantasmagoric human-animal hybrids on exhibition


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I just finished Greg Egan’s short story The Caress featuring this ^ painting of a human/cheetah hybrid by Fernand Khnopff. This exhibition reminds me of it very much.
What unsettling and beautiful works!


I can’t decide whether this is Nope, nope, nope!


Freaking awesome!

Maybe my ambivalence is part of the intended effect?


Nope… I don’t like it.


I might have guessed this would have creeped me out, but looking at them it doesn’t at all. I guess I’ve seen enough movie special effects to get my sensitivity up. Maybe seeing them in person would have a different effect.


As if bad taxidermy wasn’t creepy enough…


Reminds me of Dave McKean’s work, especially Mirrormask.


The Zebro™ is striking.


Canine-Shellfish Hybrid:

E.V Day


That is ■■■■■■■ gross. Well played.

I prefer this, aesthetically I mean.

(Meret Oppenheim)


Tea for two then


Impractical but I do like them :slightly_smiling_face:


Alternatively. Kangaroo/human hybrids:


Ooh, I’m kinda conflicted on that last pic…


I mean… it IS the Tank Girl movie. It’s pretty cheesy but i love it :smiley:


hand-sculpted human faces…

Sure they are. Not taxidermied heads from stolen corpses. Just Sculpey, I swear!




Ughh instant bad stomachache: Kevin Smith’s Tusk. NOooooOOOOOOoo

:frowning: ive spent a couple years blocking out and avoiding every image and sound that might trigger a memory of the most disturbing moviebesidesJamesFrancosSonOfGod NOOOOOooo why did i look


You people are making it worse!