Trailer for Indiegogo funded series about war with human-pig hybrids


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So um, this is like a week from now?


This looks ridiculous in the best of ways.


No no no, the pigoons are a peaceful race!


cannibals say humans taste like bacon.


There’s a reason why it’s called “Long pig.”


$10 the hero at some point in the final show says “I’ll huff and i’ll puff”


meh, it’s no Hell Comes to Frogtown


Resident Max Porkenstein


Haven’t we already seen this?


On our way already:


Duke Nukem predicted this many years ago now.


It looks like the pigs got to the top of the food chain by their superior work ethic and abilities. If the humans would just accept this and stop expecting everything for free, they’d all be better off.


Sorry. Doesn’t look kosher to me.


I’m pretty sure this show is commenting on fear of Muslim (Muzzle) refugees and terrorists, but maybe I’m using my English 101 “Good Reader” Gold Star beyond it’s intended purpose.


Saw this in last weeks Science Times. When I saw the line regarding the chimera risks of them developing human brain tissue “no one wants a talking pig”, I shouted at my paper “WRONG, everyone wants a talking pig!!”

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