Better Call Saul: Jimmy and Chuck unite for seniors' rights in "RICO"


One tarantula, one tie, reframed and recolored a few times.

Also…“eluded”? Really?

Otherwise, good recap. Thorough, insightful, thought-provoking.

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Oh, good, I’m glad another vocab wonk questioned that word choice, although I wish you hadn’t just laid it out there. Maybe if you’d brought up something about homonyms, or in some other way referenced the topic without being quite so explicit… y’know, talk around the subject a bit, reference it indirectly. Just, um… shoot, what’s the word… it escapes me…


Another episode that was just so, so good. The genius of not even hearing what Douchebag Hamlin was saying to Jimmy in the mailroom, just hearing the mechanical march of the corporate copier as we see from a distance.

And the sheer tension right before the negotiation in Chuck’s house, when we don’t know if Chuck is going to blow it up or not…I felt more stress in that moment than in maybe the last 7 action films I’ve seen.

Also it was interesting to see Mike’s daughter in law not only ask about the money, which seemed sincere on her part, her actual worry about if it would be right…but also, after that, to pretty clearly hint that she needed more money and she hoped Mike could be the guy to do it.

Watching Chuck and Jimmy fall apart in the next two episodes (I guess) will be grim.

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My guess: The multi-million dollar class action suit against Sandpiper will fall apart when it turns out that their corporate parent is represented by HHM, and thus there’s a conflict of interest with Jimmy and Chuck. The lawyers for Sandpiper thought Jimmy and Chuck were on their own, but by charging the copying to Chuck’s code at the office, they are able to make the connection and disqualify the McGills.

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Rico opening title sequence: When I saw the tarantula crawling I wondered if this was some kind of foreshadowing link to the tarantula in the Breaking Bad train robbery where the young boy on the motorcycle was killed.

I agree - something along those lines, such as Kim is in put an ethical quandary, and either succumbs to eroding her integrity by covering it up and is found out, or does the “right thing” (which it may be) and HH&M uses this as an opening try to grab the case and take it from the McGills, to leave them both with bupkis.

Seems like a writer should know the difference between “alluded” and “eluded.” Or is that the spellchecker running away with you?

Another absolute solid 47 minutes or so of writing, acting, cinemtography. Superb. Nice to see the ratings are rising again as we near the end, as is usual i suppose but still. I agree that this probably really isn’t going to end well if you take into account the direction they hinted the show takes in those last couple of episodes in that title sequence interview (here), thus planting jimmy further on the path to being saul. One of the downsides of knowing where his story ends up i guess, it’s just a question of when. But this show…man, this show has passed my wildest expectations and left them as a dot on the horizon.


Another potential foreshadowing is in the scene where Jimmy is presenting his elderly client with her will. They are sitting across from each other and on the wall behind them is a copy of painting of Saint Sebastian: sometimes known as the saint who was martyred twice. He was first shot with many arrows and yet did not die, the second time he was beaten to death but then arose from the dead again.

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