Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Hillary Clinton


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##Hillary Clinton
Had Pneumonia


“Do you regret losing the Scott Baio vote?” :joy:

I get the idea behind the ‘Joe the Plumber’ demographic (though, I’m not sure he was a plumber or even named Joe), but is there anyone else that actually goes in a Scott Baio demographic? Maybe Tony Danza? :confused:


That was some Colbert-level trolling.


Maybe Galifianakis is playing Trump in her debate prep. Strange hair, erratic.


i love love love between two ferns. That was pretty good.

But seriously, who’s gonna lead the civil war?


if Hillary could be that chill more regularly, i think she’d be doing a lot better - especially in the debate if Trump goes from orange to red… reddish orange


What about the Anson Williams demographic?


She’s very life-like.


Sarah Conner, obviously.


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