What the presidential candidates would look like with beards


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Separated at birth?


Don’t you dare try to impel me towards Papa Trump.


Well they all look great except Clinton, so I suppose she’s unfit to be president.


She does remind me of Noel Edmonds with that beard, which makes me want Bernie to win even more.




How do they “comb over” the hair on Drumpf’s back to his face?


Now all of them are wiser and more trustworthy.

Except Hillary. She has issues.


Trump’s photo makes him look like a clueless old man. I like it.


It makes Trump look more presidential. I mean, he looks totally crazy - like Old Testament nutty, but in his case that’s an improvement.


Dang, that hypothetical bearded Rubio.


I’m not big on beards generally, but I think they’re all a modest improvement. Except for Cruz. Nothing can be done for that face (apart from punching).


Those are all pretty optimistic mockups. Who is to say that Trump would sport a “Full Hemingway” instead of “Patchy Neckbeard?”


Drumpf’s new beard is, in my mind, eliciting a huge parallel between himself and the character Zachary Comstock, from bioshock infinite.

Faux faith, utopian ideals built on the backs of others, and we all know he’d have an army of brainwashed zealots to destroy everything he didn’t like, if he could.


Bearded Trump looks like the old man from the first “Home Alone” movie.


Obviously, this is what all the candidates look like in an alternate universe.


Good Lord. It’s an older version of Conor McGregor!


She just looks like she is getting ready for Eurovision


Loving the Trotsky on Bernie and the Castro on Rubio (mainly cause it would PISS OFF Rubio to no end).


I’m thinking Bernie’s beard in real life would be more straggly and somewhat frizzed in many directions.