Chrome extension takes the name of every presidential candidate and replaces it with something less gross

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I feel like a 10 year-old for laughing, but I just couldn’t help myself.


I hadn’t noticed until this morning, but Bernie Sanders is unelectable because he stands for things like paid time off and a minimum wage, while… who’s the least absurd Republican candidate? Rand Paul, who thinks Obama wrote the PATRIOT act? Ted Cruz, who sees Putin as a role model? These are the people who are taken seriously by the teevee.


Making Rubio the “combover kid” leaves no room for Donald Trump to get into the race.


Is that really a problem?


Yes. Trump is comedy gold!


Remember, Jon Stewart already exposed Trump’s birth name to be Fuckface Von Clownstick. And as for that thing on his head, well, Letterman calls it That Thing on his Head.

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Verified 100% accurate.

I really had to grab it and move it over to Firefox and extend it a bit…

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Ham Face is already taken:

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