Donald Trump announces presidential run


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Forget the fictional characters. Rick Santorum is more popular than Donald Trump.

If that’s not a sign he should drop out I don’t know what is.


Comedians need to be organized about this, yes the jokes write themselves but the world needs the best ones to rise to the top.



Least popular candidate ever.

Trump is the first candidate in modern presidential primary history to begin the campaign with a majority of his own party disliking him


You might think “less popular than Voldemort” would be enough to keep most of 'em from running, but they are and our comedians are quite pleased.


Two Chevys in every garage, a thing on everyone’s head.


(i personally think the Republican party could theoretically be rehabilitated, maybe. or perhaps a viable fiscal conservative/socially liberal party could emerge, so i don’t want to be too mean, but… )


It won’t happen, but I do think that Paul would give Clinton quite a scare, and would make for an entertaining election if nothing else (I’d prefer Sanders vs Paul, mind).


whoa, he is too good at beating china to make him just president. I say lets make Trump the Minister of Beating, and then just set him loose to beat off china.



My first thought is that he’ll wreck any debate he participates in, and somehow try to wreck any debate he’s not invited to participate in. Maybe debates will just get scrapped completely.


Ooh. Let’s say fictional characters could run, and our five candidates right now are Donald Trump, George R. R. Martin, Ramsay Bolton, Stannis Baratheon, and Joffrey Baratheon (the last three from Game of Thrones.) Who wins?


I haven’t been paying much attention to US presidential politics lately, but I’d be happy to see Sanders & Trump duke it out.

Not sure how that debate would go, might be dangerous for Sanders. He could burst a blood vessel in his face or break his own nose if he debates The Donald, what with the non-stop face palming he’ll suffer while Trump speaks.


Can we really classify Donald Trump as a ‘real person’? An emergent phenomenon, rather than a written character, sure; but personhood is pretty serious business…


I expect he will run a klassy and entertaining campaign.

I do hope he releases his birth certificate.


But… but… then he would have done something useful… (head asplodes)


Is anybody else worried that he has a employee/critter named China?


Rand Paul? He’s just as crazy as the rest of them, playing up the libertarian/freedom aspect, while not completely ditching the less “freedom” oriented aspects of the republican platform. He wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Lately, the republican party has become a haven for weirdos and crazies.


Potential running-mate/mascot?


Of course we can, see Hobby Lobby and other examples of corporate personhood. Except I’m having trouble figuring out if there is more bankruptcy in the finances of the corporate half of him or in the morals and ethics of his in-the-flesh personhood.