Beware the goat gangs of Ireland


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Two words: “Mutton” and “Stew”.


“Mutton?”, he asks sheepishly.

Still my first thought was roast goat.


Ah. A foodie!


It is feared that drugs may be involved.


Peaky Bleaters™


Outside of south Asia and a few other bit. Mutton is sheep homes.


Ah… but mutton is also (in some places) the meat of adult goats.



Once a goat has tasted the sweet nectar of freedom,

Good line for a song. Baaaaaaaa!


Am I just more cruelly species-ist than average; or am I correct in interpreting this as ‘locals concerned; but only about as concerned as Philip J. Fry is shocked; which isn’t terribly concerned’?

Goats are certainly more endearing than your average parasite; but ‘feral population of invasive animal; conservation status “least concern”’ is generally open season if anyone is actually worried.


Well if they just tell the feral herd’s male goats to stay off the dang table…


Missed opportunity for an obvious pun in that meme;

“I’ll cut ewe.


Once a goat has tasted
The sweet nectar of freedom,
It then senses a life, long wasted
And thinks “Goat-herders? Who needs ‘em!”




What does Bono think?


Mine was curry goat, it’s so delicious!


Here in Minnesota, you can rent goats for land management/brush removal.

Right now the goats are at Crosby Farm Regional Park in St Paul, eating invasive species on the bluff. You can often see them from the bike trail.

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Obligatory HIMYM clip:


No one ever talks about the goat-on-goat violence.


I don’t know… these guys look pretty tough. I’ve seen “Gangs of New York”, so I know all about these types of things.