Bicyclist encounters horde of kangaroos

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It’s a mob, not a horde, ya drongo!


I expect the kangaroos are rather more dangerous than meerkats.

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Is a thing a ‘horde’ if it’s a collection of things which, by vacating the area, appear more nervous of the interesting thing approaching them than the approaching thing claims?

Damn. I’d be scared too.


Just his luck he ran into the kangaroos just after they saw Mad Max for the first time.

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What’s interesting, is that they seem to understand that the road is not a place to be. They’ll cross it, but none of them are standing in the road.


More 'roo-porn

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That was my first thought…

My second thought was “OW! my balls”

My third Thought was “Rooos sure are freaky critters”


Reminds me the story about an Australian helicopter simulators.

The staff was expecting some big cheeses visit. They did a modification to the software. Gangs of kangaroos tend to be spooked by helicopters and run (which can betray the copter’s presence). So they added 'roos to the simulation.

All well.

Then the big cheeses came, and got the 'roos shown. They swarmed as expected, and hopped over a hill…

…and regrouped there and started shooting missiles at the copter.

The coders reskinned the models of troops, and forgot to remove some of their behavior…


They are generally big rabbits.
They just hop away if you get too close.
Unless you corner them or threaten their joeys… then they’ll rip your intestines out with their paws.

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Nah mate, that story is apocryphal.

Every Australian knows that Kangaroos have home-made stingers.


Those tails man. You don’t want a dose of roo venom.
(Edit: okay… I know… )

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A cyclist in Canberra was knocked off her bike by a roo a while ago, too.


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