Biden "dominating" Trump in latest national poll

I think stuff like his stance on abortion and judges are exactly why people aren’t excited. His voting record on Hyde is hot garbage. Sure, he came around, after declaring his candidacy and being the last major candidate for his party to do so. A lifetime of tepid support doesn’t scream that he will pick a vocal defender. Is is better than Trump, absolutely, is it exciting, no not really. On judges we all have his work to help Clarence Thomas sitting firmly in our minds. Again, better than Trump, but not exactly cheerful thoughts. It is easy to acknowledge that he may be the necessary choice, without pretending that he is exciting.


He’s the candidate we deserve.


There is a 0% chance that any SC nominee Biden puts forward would not be a lock to uphold abortion. Whatever Biden’s shitty votes from 25 years ago, that’s not the political reality we live in today, and it’s a baseline for any Democratic President at this point.

Any hand-wringing that doesn’t recognize that there is an ENORMOUS difference between the judiciary Biden would build and the one Trump is (and would) stockpile is not based on realism, I don’t think.


Is it within the realm of possibility that conservative media will realize that Trump has no chance of victory and will declare that he “isn’t a real conservative” and abandon him and blame all of his failings on his liberal tendencies? Would this have still happened to W if he had been up for reelection in 2016? Is this something that would only happen if Trump actually loses the election?

Polls are nice. Polls if done correctly are fairly accurate. Polls do not replace actual votes. Get out to vote.


Yep. That’s Democrats.

You’re winning by 14 points and you still tear yourselfs down. Instead of taking the other guy down.


Ooooooofffffffff. That was straight to the gut. Fair, but I’m left wheezing and in some pain.


Because the republic as we understand is what has gotten us here to begin with.
There is no excitement for status quo. I envision a much stronger, a more proud US, one that the status quo hasn’t been able to produce.

Biden offers a custodial presidency. That’s okay. I’m not looking for a cream-in-my-jeans exciting candidate because I grew up. An old fart who understands the role of legitimate government at national and international scope will do just fine. All Biden needs to do is resolutely confirm that he isn’t Trump and not shit his pants at the podium.

Wheee, the pee poll must stay resolute in extirpating the kakistocracy. For example, The WW2 Vichy regime was summarily executed after the liberation of France. While I do not publicly advocate this for current regime of opportunists and grifters, I certainly would like to see it happen (praeteritio 'R us).

Everyone recognizes the difference, but most of the people raising these issues can also recognize that there is a spectrum of good options outside of what Trump would do and that Biden isn’t likely to pick someone who will represent huge leaps forward. We’re not just talking about votes 2+ decades ago, he was fine with Hyde 2 years ago. He switched his stance in early June of last year.

There may be a load of good options next election- there are two options in this election.


wasn’t Hillary winning by this much this time 4 years ago?

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Gosh I’ve never heard this before…only like, every single election? And especially this one, about 1 trillion times?


No. She was leading by 5.


Yes and that’s why I put Biden as necessary, not exciting. It is possible to think that he’s a garbage candidate and still miles better than his opponent.


Maybe you’ve heard this so often because it’s true?

With all due respect, I don’t have much use for arguments that prioritize being “excited” about voting over the substance of saving our country from the path we are currently on. If that doesn’t “excite” someone, then I have to wonder whether they’re all that concerned about the things Trump is doing to this country.

I have some doubts whether we will be able to course-correct from some of the things that have happened in the last four years, but I have no doubt that given another four years we will be unable to do so.

It is most probable that Biden will pick someone at least as progressive as Kagan and Sotomayor. Again, and at the risk of being blunt and/or driving this point into the ground, if someone isn’t “excited” about that prospect in comparison to another Justice Kavanaugh, or doesn’t consider that to be a huge leap forward, then I don’t think they’re actually paying attention.


Yep. But I know what my life will be like under the other guy in a second term as a trans woman.


Hey look, it’s a poll from the night of the 2016 election.


They’ve already labeled scores of prominent lifelong Republicans (including their previous two Presidential candidates) “RINOs” for daring to challenge Trump, who switched party affiliation several times in his adult life and was a registered Democrat as recently as 2008.

So it’s clear that Republicans are pretty fluid on who counts as “one of them” and who doesn’t, and a big part of their criteria is based on who can win.