Biden fundraisers upset they haven't been given their 'due' ambassadorships


Also, I was promised socialism. Wtf


You jest of course, but Trump has placed several extremely unqualified hacks (Hoekcoughstracough) in important embassies and those will continue to hurt the relationships of the US with their allies.

Biden Must Act Quickly.

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I think it was Trump who promised socialism if people voted for Biden.

Biden promised social liberalism, the socialists said that Biden was promising social liberalism and were extremely critical of it while recognising it was the lesser of two evils, and Biden has so far delivered social liberalism.

This story is just billionaires demanding their fiefdoms.


Cant even deliver on that promise, eh?


Promises made, promises kept!

I was promised we’d all be speaking Chinese by now. Which I interpreted to mean that the Biden Administration would pay for our Chinese lessons.

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I’m wondering if the promise of taco trucks on every corner expired after 2016 or if I should still expect that. I currently have to walk a whole half a mile to get tacos and it’s just unacceptable.

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