Biden kindly helps befuddled Speaker Johnson recall the horrifying events Trump incited on Jan. 6 (video)

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He hasn’t forgotten shit. And he’s not dimwitted. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Stop acting like these fascists are just morons. They aren’t. They’re lying because they know some people will believe anything they say.



Just like CFTFG, it’s a power move. He’s lying, he know he’s lying, you know he’s lying, and he knows you knows he’s lying. Just walk right over the truth with a straight face and dare you to call him out.

And tick-tock, just as expected, no push back from the reporter.


Always remind them: what happened on Jan. 6th happened because Donald Trump made it happen. It didn’t just happen on its own.

The event was called “Stop the Steal” so it was intended to stop Biden becoming president. Trump organized it and invited his followers. Trump told the crowd 18 times they had to “fight”, then he told them to march on the Capitol. THEN he went home and watched the violence on TV for hours before realizing Pence and Pelosi weren’t going to hang, and reluctantly told everyone to go home.


And Stinky organized that event after numerous people in his inner circle told him repeatedly that there was zero evidence of fraud in the election. IOW, there was no “steal” to stop, and he knew it.

And yet 2-3 weeks ago, I saw a large, professionally-made banner stating that the 2020 election was stolen. This was at some local MAGA event on the river where a bunch of people were blasting their boat horns and waving Trump flags. These people are not right in the head.


A particularly pathetic example of fascist bootlicking. Most of the GOP members of Congress should be wearing MAGA branded gimp suits.


Nope, they are perfectly “right in the head.” They just think that women, LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic, etc folks are “stealing” their “rights” by expecting to be treated with respect and dignity and need to be put back in their “place.” Just because they are evil does not make them mentally ill. It just makes them evil.



They know that… they are not the ones who need to be told that… the people not paying as close attention need to be told that. They need to be told that these people helped MAKE Jan. 6th happen, too and that they need to be voted out of office.


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