Biden signs same-sex and interracial marriage into federal law

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I’m hoping that conservatives won’t bother pushing SCOTUS to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges at all now that the biggest possible win they could get out of such a legal fight is “assholes like Kim Davis get to keep their jobs,” but they are some petty mofos so they’ll probably try anyway.


it was emotional to watch, but at the same time i was thinking… what a strange experience it must be for Sam Smith and Cindy Lauper to be the opening act for a Presidential bill signing.


about 70% Americans now approve of same-sex marriage.

This is a shamefully low number.


Unfortunately I think there’s a lot of mileage Republicans can get out of promising to ban gay marriages in their states, even if it doesn’t have any meaningful impact. Performative cruelty is all the rage.

Yeah, but when Loving v. Virginia was decided, the support for “interracial” marriage was less than 20%, and only hit 70% in the 2000s. (It didn’t even get to majority approval until after 1995.) It’s all pretty shameful, really.


Well, that just about sums up most of American history (and the present even moreso). Progress is good, of course, but we needed to be here decades ago. We’re not going to survive as a species unless we do better.


Still better than even just 40 years ago, though.

‘Slow’ progress is better than NO progress at all.


One must not only be cruel… one must appear to be cruel.


There’s 25-30% full-on MAGAts who will remain opposed to any “librul” causes like racial, sexual, gender or any other kind of equality. I am finally reaching the point of considering them unreachable and just moving on without them. Let them stew in their own hatred until they die alone, unloved and unmourned. None too soon.


Probably the biggest event of my lifetime so far has been the reveal that a good ~30% of Americans are utter monsters with what I can only describe as anti-morals. Before 2016, I’d been raised to believe that, even if people are bigoted or ignorant, we all share the same very basic morals deep down, that we’re more alike than we are different. It was quite a shock to realize that a VAST number of people will put cruelty and hatred above absolutely everything else, including their own self-gain or even survival. Nothing prepared me for the sheer totality of their opposition to everything I care about- not only hatred of particular races or sexualities or policies, but hatred of fundamental concepts like compassion, rationality or justice, things that I thought were common to all humans to some degree, no matter how misguided. I couldn’t have imagined the ludicrous stupidity that led them to fight against attempts to contain disease, or revive the madness of the Satanic Panic, or seriously believe (in DROVES) shit like lizard-person cabals or mind-control chips or Democrats running secret pedophile rings in non-existent basements so they can drink baby blood to prolong their lifespans with magic mystery chemicals. I’m still stunned by the sheer willful, self-aware villainy they display, like shallow cartoon baddies come to life who are evil because they’re written that way, rather than for any understandable reason.

They seemed to my idealistic eyes to spring out of nowhere, but of course they’d been there all along, holding the rest of us back. I would love nothing more than to move on without them, but they insist on being an anchor on society, dragging us to the bottom no matter how hard we strain for the surface. I can only hope they won’t be replaced when they die. As you said- none too soon.


Hey, some of us over here in the rest of the world ARE doing better. Not as many as could (gives side-eye to Russia) but don’t fall in to the trap of thinking the prevailing attitudes in the US stand for the whole world


I often feel like a goldfish, in that some statistic or fact comes along and I’m suddenly - viscerally - reminded that, oh yeah, America is bigoted as hell, still. Like somehow I managed to put it out of my mind for a few minutes…

I just saw this international study on right-wing authoritarian followers, and the US, it turns out, has a lot more of them than other developed nations… we’ve got some problems, here.


For some issues like homophobia, the people suffering will mostly be those stuck in backwards, moronic dinosaur countries like the USA, sure. For others- the real existential, end-of-humanity ones like global warming- not so much.


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