Biden soars in WSJ/NBC poll after Trump's disastrous debate

As usual, not buying it for a second. Imagine the sort of person who sat through four years of Trump perfectly happy, only to change their mind because of the debate, of all things. I wouldn’t trust them to remember election day, go to the correct polling place, or hold a pen the right way 'round, let alone vote for Biden.


There may be people, who always thought trump was a regular normal guy, all that talk about trump being a bully and vile person all liberal hate fake news, because fox news (the only news) always gush about how wonderful he is, and how terrible and senile Biden is, and whenever they see the clips of trump on fox news (the only news), he always looks reasonable and wonderful (because those clips are heavily edited), and Biden always sounds terrible (because those clips are also heavily edited).

Now, suddenly, they tune into the debate, expecting to see Trump in all his saintly christ-like glory, only to see a spoiled incoherent bully acting like a 5-year-old, acting just the way they used to spank their son for acting then he was little and throwing a tantrum. And they get to see Biden talking like the reasonable republican that he really is. All unedited. I do not doubt it left quite a number of trump supporters in a crisis of conscious.


After the events of 2016, I try not to pay attention to polling results. Except maybe for exit polls.
Since the only votes that count are those of the Electoral College electors, one wonders what will happen when, despite an overwhelming popular vote against Lord Dampnut in certain ® run & operated states, those Electors ignore that vote and vote instead for L.D…

There are discussions underway in certain of those states to do just that.

In any case, early voting starts here in Texas in about a week & I will vote early.
It might not count, but it certainly matters. And the down-ballot results might be interesting. Maybe we can overthrow the Theocratic Kakistocracy currently running things here.


Yeah, this. There are, AIUI, a whole lot of American voters who basically disengage from politics entirely between elections. So it’s very easy to imagine there being people who voted for Trump because he had “R” after his name / because he wasn’t the Devil Hillary, and who have paid little or no attention to politics these four years, now getting a faceful of Trump at his trumpiest, and being shocked and dismayed by it.


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