Bieber takes "warm pot of water" challenge




Doing it right:

Trigger warning : budgie smugglers

This was pretty crap, though.


A little-known fact about Canadians: our body temperatures are much higher than that of other humans. It’s a survival mechanism. Just by holding the container of water for a few seconds, Bieber probably melted the ice.

Either that or he’s a wuss.


I was hoping the “challenge” would be having his hand dunked in a warm pot of water while he was asleep. And I’m still hoping it will be.


This is how billionaire inventors(?) do it.


Oblig, and if nick offerman actually takes up the challenge I will lose my shit.

(P.s. gaaawd Chris is lookin good. His exercise regimine is inspirational )


Spread what word, exactly? That ALS exists? That it’s bad? That it’s like getting splashed with icewater? The message here is not altogether clear.


When will people who work in the movies learn to hold their phones horizontally?


People that take the challenge donate money. A side benefit are silly videos.


Between 29 July and 12 August, the ALS Association has seen donations
quadruple from year-ago levels, hitting $4m. Over the same period, they
have received gifts from 70,000 new donors


Ah. The few videos I watched left out the “give money” part. I only got the water part.


Christ, what an asshole.


I’m pretty sure this is a prank to get very successful people to dump icewater over themselves as a demonstration of herd mentality. A side benefit is the donated money.


Can we keep the true purpose a sekret, so it can happen some more? I have a visceral need to see Nick Offerman, err, iced? No, that phrase is completely wrong…


Actually, it’s a bit worse than that. The videos you see are ostensibly of people that have chosen a bucket of ice water, rather than donate. :frowning:


The mulish contrarian streak in me found this interesting. Pretty much expands on your comment.


I’m waiting for the R Kelly warm “water” shower…


Man Dies After Raising $100K for ALS


I want Beschizza to challenge Scoble.


I know right? After GotG I saw this photoshopped image and felt that if they are ever going to reboot Indy, this is the only man to do it.

And as we all know…space fantasy leads to action-archeology.