2-year-old takes Ice Bucket Challenge







ok this has gotten weird (as if it wasn’t already a little weird). I’m seeing lots of kids doing this who I am pretty sure can’t afford to donate 100 bucks. What is the point?

Umm … she’s kinda … young … no?

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The idea is to either donate or to get ice water dumped on you (some people do both). If these kids are too incapable to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make enough money to donate, they deserve what’s coming to them.


It’s even funnier with her Brummie accent.

Bless 'er.

Eh well, I didn’t see ice, maybe the water’s not especially cold.

I need to make that my message chime. Now.


That was adorable.

You know, I just realized, you never see the opposite, the videos for the Boiling Water Challenge. I wonder if Youtube took them down because of the screaming or something.


Funny enough, National Report had something to say about that.

When reading National Report it should be remembered that they also said the ice bucket challenge was contributing to the California drought.

True enough!

I can’t see how it would be that significant of an effect if you did it once with one ca. 5 gallon bucket. The average shower uses 10-15 gallons of warm water and washing dishes with an open faucet can use more than that. I’m sure there are plenty of ways for the average person to save that much water in one day.

It’s still remarkably tone deaf, regardless of the actual percentage of the reservoir being used up per bucket. At least, for those Challengers doing it in Cali it is.

Comparatively tone deaf: George W. Bush doing the IBC the other day. You know, since he’s not exactly a man with a healthy history when it comes to water being dumped on people’s heads.

If you can understand the objection to the latter, you can understand the objection to the former. Whether it’s for a good cause or not.

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I’m not much of a fan of the campaign, because I just see it as another narcissistic social media campaign (although I do think it’s kind of cool that this particular narcissistic social media campaign has had positive effects on people with lesser-known diseases). I also understand the importance of saving water in Cali, but just think that there are many more wasteful things that people do every day. The average water use is around 150-200 gallons per person per day in most parts of California. Compared to that, wasting 5 gallons once is nothing. Here in Gemany, they use an average of 122 litres per day (ca. 32 gallons), and they are concerned that it’s too much. This trend will presumably peter out after a while once enough people have done it, but it would be good if it also raised awareness of significant and not just symbolic water wastage in the meantime.

They also have Sarah Palin on their masthead - not her name, but her photo - so roffle roffle roffle.

this how it goes, if you do the ice bucket, you donate 10.00, if you forego the ice you donate 100.00
that is it.

Hi @jsroberts - I think you may have missed their masthead. National Report is a farcical news-site, like The Onion. It has appeared on BoingBoing threads before, or I would have mentioned it. I helpfully (?) started my comment with “funny enough” and then pointed out that second bit of information so no one unfamiliar with National Report would go hunting for more stories about boiling water challenges.

I figured the second story was outrageous enough to get people clued in on the paper’s nature. Sorry if it tripped you up.

@Boundegar - Yep, I know. I tried to give people a hint. I guess my hint wasn’t strong enough.

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Obviously not, because their deadpan nailed me too.

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