2-year-old takes Ice Bucket Challenge

As I estimate her level of language development, I gotta figure those two words are among the first one hundred she’s learned so far.

They really are vicious!
I promise I tried, and if the paper hadn’t appeared here before, I would have definitely mentioned it outright. I gave the hints as reminders. Now I know, they can’t be trusted - must always fully explain.

Thanks, I’m a bit slow today - I only got your point a while after responding. (I skim read it, got up to do something else, then said “wait a minute…”)

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A little tragic however she has mastered the use of it perfectly!

Let’s get political with this

Kids pick up on those phrases like nothing else. My wife and I have both inadvertently taught our daughter some choice phrases over the last little bit. Must be the em-PHA-sis.

Yeah, those words are usually accompanied by acute emotion, too, adrenaline being a great catalyst for learning. My infant daughter probably wouldn’t have picked up many words as my wife and I discussed the “increasing unaffordability of utilities”. But she would have incorporated “fuckin’ ell?” quite readily.

Edit with afterthought: And what does it say, that I didn’t understand a single word of what she said, except those last two words?

Agreed. Fortunately, I had the perfect dry run while my first child was still in a car seat: some driver pulled an idiot move, and I exclaimed “stupid!”…and behind me I heard the echo “stupid!” As a result, I vowed to never say anything in front of a young child that I wouldn’t want them repeating to their grandparents. Because, they will.

There’s the added benefit that once they’re teenagers, they know to pay attention if you do swear.

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Yes. I have no problem with the use of “fuck”, as long as it doesn’t rob it of its rhetorical power.

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I try not to use some of the more ‘choice’ language, but sometimes it slips out. Just like in your example there, if I make an annoyed noise while driving I often hear “c’mon buddy, go!” from the back seat. Glad she picked up on that and not some of the other things I’ve said while driving!

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