Big Bill Hell's used cars


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Indeed, Rob, you have been remiss. That was childishly entertaining.

Sadly, your Cleveland video provided the “not available” error. :sleepy:


Thanks @beschizza, I needed a big dumb laugh today.


Challenge pissing? Thank 'ya hon. :wink:

“Honey we have a brand new car!”


Better do your kegels!


You can click it to go to YouTube!


Seems kinda tame for Baltimore in my experience. I got told to fuck off last week by a mother with three small children for warning her she was about to be hit by a truck while jaywalking.


Predictably, there’s a hasty jab at Detroit at the end. Sorry, Cleveland, I’ve seen your underbelly, Detroit is safer, cleaner, and has a modicum of taste when it comes to public art.

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One of the guys on the Elite: Dangerous subreddit did a parody of this too



The Cleveland video was great (ironically.)


I used to find the “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos” really funny, but now they strike me as sad. I don’t know if it’s me getting older or just the change in the overall zeitgeist. When those videos came out, Obama had just been sworn in, the economy had crashed but some things were starting to turn around. Good golly it’s been 10 years.


Actually, you posted it less than two metric years ago, so that just goes to show what “learning” is worth


Use to live in the Northern Virginia side of the DC Metro area and travel to Baltimore for work periodically. Can confirm.


Charm City! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually, you posted it less than two metric years ago, so that just goes to show what “learning” is worth

Actually, I think fucking amazing Rob covered his fucking ass on this one – he didn’t post that shit while he was in fucking Baltimore, amifookinrite??




When I moved to Pittsburgh a decade ago, it and Cleveland were still roughly comparable cities but the gap is pretty obvious now and has added a certain edge to the traditional rivalries, at least for those people who still care.


Amazing! We have so many Baltimore posts it was buried 4 pages into the search results. I’ve scheduled another repost for 2021.


Somehow these two go together like pizza & beer.