Watch the Baltimore car dealer ad that inspired Big Bill Hell's

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Did… did Big Bill Hell’s find the same VO guy??? That’s dedication.

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There is only one:

ETA: It’s worth mentioning that despite his cartoonish style, the guy was a certified war hero. He flew 29 combat missions as a B-17 co-pilot and pilot over Germany, won the DFC and the Air Medal for heroism in aerial combat 5 times. The missions he flew were among the hairiest of the war.


It’s times like this I wish someone had kept tapes of ads for local businesses like Lunger’s Furniture (“Lunger’s ooooof Augusta”) or Garage Sales of America ("Gosh what a bargin’!).

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I love the damn music!

Huh, a lot less fucking of Baltimore than I remember, but a good job regardless.

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