Big Cable asks FCC to ban states' investigations into lies about broadband speed


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Tom Wheeler doesn’t look like such a dingo now, eh?


Unfair! Don’t these states realize how much work it is to capture fifty more regulators? And don’t even let the cities get started!


Amazingly, one of the AGs signing on to opposing the cable petition is Texas’ Ken Paxton.

This Ken Paxton.


Why can’t we rip people off, it’s not fair LOL!.. That’s the petition ? I know big biz has always been this dishonest (tobacco, cars, etc) but the way companies are so open about it in this age of instant info and fact checking is just depressing


Since they have pro-corporate assholes in charge in the government now, they think they can just be completely open and nothing will happen.


Cable companies and the Corrupublicans are a match made in heaven


Well, they’re not wrong…


true and that is disgusting on so many levels.

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