Big Telco wants more federal money to offer slower rural broadband

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Slower Internet, it’s a thing of the future.

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Nope. For the US, it’s a thing of the past and present.


These assholes have already been given money multiple times for empty promises of broadband coverage everywhere.

If I ran the FCC I would physically walk up to the CEOs of the telecoms and slap them shit silly in front of their shareholders with major network cameras watching for even trying this shit.

We need an FCC with teeth that does not have the worthless shitstain of Ajit Pai running it. We need real fines thrown at these telecom companies NOW. and HARD.

I am utterly sick of this shit!


Corporate Welfare -> directly to -> Corporate Profits
They lobby in pennies and receive dollars in return.


“Promote competition”: telco-speak for “screw the consumers”.


It worked the first few times, why wouldn’t they ask again?

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“We don’t need to give Rural Customers high up-load rates, because the don’t need it. Also it will encourage them to buy the premium service that offers the high up-load rates that… um… they don’t need.”

Give them a quarter so they can call somebody who gives a damn. There is no amount of handout money that will make big ISPs run lines out to rural areas. No matter what you give them they will squander and cheat their way into keeping the money and providing very little service. And to be honest, to expect anybody to run a single cable out dozens of miles from town to a single house is absurd. If you choose to live miles from your nearest neighbor, there’s going to be some downsides.

Instead, how about we abolish any/all laws/regulations that prevent communities from setting up their own ISP. So if Farmer Brown, 30 miles out of town, wants to pay for the wire from his house to town he can.

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Considering how all of the ISPs are media conglomerates, you could probably do worse than telling them that all of their broadcast licenses are revoked until they make good on the broadband promises.

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In rural France there is a perfectly workable microwave internet service using broadcaster/repeaters in local church spires. It used to be too slow to watch youtube videos but fast enough for mail and browsing. But for the past year or two it has been more than adequate for watching video too.

(Terms in italics may not be 100% technically accurate - but it is wireless, received by a little square ariel on the roof that needs to have clear line of sight to the nearest repeater.)

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