Big Chemical says higher pollution levels are safe in West Virginia because residents don't drink water, and are so fat that poisons are diluted in their bodies


Why would white supremacists work so hard to kill off the citizens of a largely white state?

They’re literally poisoning their feed corn.

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Attributing way too much thought process to these assholes. They don’t think of WVians as voters, they don’t even think of them as human. They think of them as interchangeable and disposable feedstock. That attitude started in the coal mines and just migrated over into the chemical industry when it came to town. Look up mountain top removal mining for the latest iteration. You know how dirty and dangerous industries tend to be located in communities of color, due to there being no real way for the populace to resist? This is that on a statewide level. The state government is owned by the industries, and the citizens have been convinced that any attempt to regulate them in order to kill less of the people will result in unemployment. Beautiful state, incredibly ugly politics.



I see that you are familiar with the quality of DC tap. We can only hope…

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Because fascism isn’t just about race, it’s also about class.



Incredibly ugly establishment politics.

Paula Jean Swearengin is who they could have elected if the Democratic Party were less shit:

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The [Nancy LeTourneau/Washington Monthly] link wouldn’t load for me. I can’t comment until I read the story, Anybody else having this problem?


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