Big losses for Superman at Macau roulette wheel and other East meets West art

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Dumbass. You have X-ray vision, for crying out loud. Shouldn’t you be trying to cheat at Poker or something?


Those are wonderful! This is why they invented postmodernism!


Looks to me less like generic ‘industrialisation’ and more like the work of a certain well-known ‘property developer’ who seems to be riding into battle on a bulldozer in the top left corner of the painting.

Beautiful work.

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Tsai is obviously not an expert on casinos. How is Superman supposed to have placed his bets from behind the wheel?

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Ridiculous. It is firmly established in canon that Superman has the ability to finely control his super-breath. He could easily manipulate the outcome of a roulette wheel spin just by breathing a bit differently.

Moreover, as the “Big Blue Boy Scout,” Superman would only gamble (or cheat at gambling) as part of a larger crime-fighting scheme. (Perhaps this casino’s roulette wheel is rigged.) He’s hardly above the occasional ruse or deception in the name of fighting for truth and justice, but he’d do it right.

Your “art” fails the first test of any human endeavor: continuity with established comic book storylines.


Sometimes I really regret that Los Angeles is over 9000 km away.

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