Batman v. Superman, starring Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton


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Batman vs. Superman.

Stoopit. Not watching ANY version. Not the original, not the satire.

Would kill too many brain cells.


That score from the original still gives me the chills. :hugging:


Ah, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace! Superb movie.

And I’m prepared to be corrected, but I believe it’s still the only film in which Milton Keynes stands in for New York.


Christopher Reeves will always be my Superman, much like Lynda Carter will always be Wonder Woman for me.

And Michael Keaton somehow really sold it as Batman, despite lacking the requisite physique and stature…

But I’m really not interested in any mashups of the two.

##Leave my childhood nostalgia alone.


I don’t understand why it’s “Batman v. Superman”. Is it a court case?

Would that actually be more interesting?


Clark Kent has the press on his side but Bruce Wayne can hire better lawyers.


And the lawyers will probably file the case in a place where Wayne has the home field advantage.


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