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I miss the days when Superman used to have fun every once in a while. That and the brightly colored outfit are part of what made him an interesting contrast to Batman.

Now it seems that they’ve transferred all of Batman’s dark, gritty angst to Superman and they’ve turned Batman into… what, the Punisher I guess?


Anti-NRA superman is at 1:12


Superman always has been and always will be lame and boring. He basically has unlimited powers and can’t be hurt. What fun is that?



I always preferred Bizarro Superman to boring ol’ Supes.

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Wow. Exhaustive. Nice.
Especially enjoyed the Latino Superman from last year. That story line was a great alternate take on the origin story.

Do you really want a wall o’ text about Supes? TL;DR Supes is an icon and represents our better nature, among other things, a bright mirror to Bats. Trying to make him grimdark defeats his nature.

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The thing that annoyed me most about Man of Steel was that they turned Clark Kent into a tortured loner searching for clues to his own past as he works odd jobs across Canada and tries to avoid bar fights which would expose his super-invulnerability.

That wasn’t just out of character, it was also oddly familiar.


I could live with it.

How do you make a Superman movie interesting?

Put Batman in it.


Superman is just an alien on Earth.

And there are plenty of those.

Is Red Son the trippiest of the animated shows? Haven’t seen most of them, and I’m curious about Flashpoint.


Not being a avid reader of comics, I was pretty blown away by this analysis by FiveThirtyEight:

Superman has actually made more appearances in Batman comics than Robin, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, or any other character. And Batman shows up in Superman comics nearly as much as Lois Lane, and way more than Jimmy Olsen. Who knew?


More than any one Robin anyway. (I think Batman’s gone through at least five or six kids over the years).

Underneath his outward grief you know he’s thinking “dang it, I just paid this one off!”


Honestly, I’ve never read a graphic novel in my life (unless you count Calvin & Hobbes books). Mostly because I know that’s another rabbit hole down which I don’t have the time to delve. But I do love putting on some superhero flicks when I’m in the mood for some more passive unwinding in the evening, and Batman always sells me more than Sups.

FFS, that’s why we have Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah!

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That was nice, but they missed my current favorite Superman cartoon, the one from How it Should have Ended. Very fun, and funny.

If there’s any one single Batman graphic novel to read, it’s The Killing Joke (which will soon be an animated movie, so)

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