Big Mac; fried chicken, pizza, ..... What would your "Last Meal" be?



Nothing but a tall glass of
Cry, Racist, Cry


Lemon roasted chicken with rosemary, a sourdough roll, some Stilton, and a stiff glass of ginger kombucha.


Large plate of “Restorative Justice”, hold the barbarism.


Just desserts.


no worry.

Beef Curry.


I read through most of the accounts. Yes, these are violent people that did horrific things.

I am still against the death penalty, solitary, torture, and inhumane treatment.


Agreed. And “steak cooked well done and served with a plastic butter knife” definitely meets my criteria for “cruel and unusual punishment.”


I do not want to minimize the grief both his family, and the families he has affected at all. I have friends on both sides of the equation.

But I tell jokes.


It’s rare you get a steak on death row.


Huh. That does sound really yummy. Somehow I would have expected you to order something a bit more exotic (not to say outré).

Myself, the a la carte order of brisket from Dr Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas BBQ in Van Nuys, with a loaf of their bread, and a root beer float made with any ol’ vanilla ice cream and Henry Weinhard’s root beer.

No slaw. That’s not part of my sentence.


Dry nitrogen. Perhaps argon if I felt like living it up.




My executioner.


I would choose lobster. Same reason. Plus, i hear it’s good eating, and I’d probably enjoy it if i didn’t mind dying afterward.


Hákarl, casu marzu and century eggs.


Wash it down with some 100-year-old brandy. I hear the 2012 vintage is going to be good.


Something that takes thirty to forty years to prepare.


A Shamrock Shake and a McRib.
Never had either, but I don’t know if they have ever been available at the same time.

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