Pop-up restaurant serves last meals of death row inmates


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But does the meal end with you dying? Commit to the concept, people!


I don’t know anything about morbidity cuisine, but I do know that they have far and away the most horrifying logo I have ever seen on a business, even the ones that are basically goatse.


Is it intestines? Bowels? I can’t tell but it’s disconcerting…And what does it have to do with last meals?


Anthropomorphic offal? Flayed junk?


I thought it looked like a person lying on their back with one leg up in the air. I don’t know what that has to do with last meals, either.


Very cool. I just dove into a few articles about the restaurateurs and they seem like some fun weirdos.


I think it is their regular restaurant logo. Goes with the meaning of their restaurant name “Ningen” (human). Sounds like they switch up variations on the “human” theme periodically.

If I’m mistaken, then their idea of capital punishment is the severing of one leg at the groin while the offender is relaxing, and that’s pretty confusing in any culture I can think of (except maybe Klingon).


Somehow related to Hermann Nitsch’s art, which they also display. Who has any appetite after that? Do not look up his art if you are bothered by ‘art’ made from blood, carcasses, intestines etc.


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