Bill Barr: 'I don't pay attention to [Donald Trump's] tweets unless they're brought to my attention'

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I don’t pay attention to them either.


His face says, "Look. We both know that nothing is going to happen to me unless one of two things happen:

  1. Trump gets mad at me and cans my ass. Even then as long as I inflate his ego I’ll never be convicted of any crime because he’ll just pardon or commute me.
  2. Trump loses the election in November. Though that’s increasingly a possibility, we’re engaging in extreme voter suppression and in the event of a loss will claim the election was fraudulent and will ignore it.

So, can we just get this bullshit hearing over with? I’ve got to get back to coordinating covering up all the unethical and illegal things my boss does."


What causes your mouth to be in a permanent frown like that by default.

Asking so I can avoid getting it in the future.


Resting Bastard Face.

It’s brought on by too much suction on the ass of a worthless higher-up.


Indeed, that is the sane position to take. Only a completely psychotic individual would actually want to read Donald’s feed unfiltered.


Interesting how whenever a Democrat tweets something, they’re on it immediately as if they have a hotline to Twitter.

But Trump tweets an insane, racist conspiracy theory? “I don’t pay attention to Twitter.”


No one expects Orangeturd to carry his own water do they.
He never has before.
It would be both too heavy and too boring for him to do.

It’s the soul you sold exerting extra gravity from hell.


My first thought as well, followed by a deep, wracking shudder as I realized Bill Barr and I shared something in common.



Well,to be fair (to be faaaaaaaaaaaaaiiir),Barr usually has his face buried in between Fanta Fuhrer’s asscheeks. Hard to look at twitter when you spend most your day doing that.

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You and me both. Hell, trying to keep up with them is a full time job (Thank god for the press). It only makes sense Barr doesn’t either. He’s way too busy burning cigarette holes in the Constitution and Federal laws to keep up.

I was also unaware that his tweets are official policy. I really wish the media and his staff had ignored that and never treated them as such.

It gives me a lot of anxiety when I track what Turnip says day-to-day. Barr is a smarter man than me.

I’m still wondering how they’re going to handle this in his inevitable Presidential Library. Will they hand out tablets to everyone taking the tour?


I feel deep sympathy for those journalists and analysts who MUST consume DJT’s emanations.

No, it will probably be crayons, glue, and scissors. And the person at the front desk will say to everyone “Welcome to trump library. I love you”.

I honestly don’t know which is worse:
That he’s telling the truth
Or that he’s lying.


Then he does pay attention.