Bill Cosby explains why people go to prison


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Fat Albert and the Gang thought it was Cool Roy who was the criminal, when it was Bill the whole time…


He actually makes a good point. It dawned on me long that the kid who gets caught is the lucky one - the kid who gets away with it will do it again and again, until they’re caught in something much worse.

Lucky thing for me, I can’t run a yellow light without getting a ticket.



The Cool Roy page on the Fat Albert wiki has one of the longest run-on sentences I’ve seen in a while. (The preview isn’t even the sentence I’m talking about.)




Disoriented, huh? Imagine how his victims felt.





(that’s a link to the comedy album bit about “spanish fly”)



it’s true!
it’s true!


just another teaspoon of sugar




Uh, not in synched?


You have to admit, though, except for the part where he either was or was about to become the biggest imaginable hypocrite, it’s a pretty good message delivered in a surprisingly frank and non-patronizing way. I would have listened to that as a kid of Fat Albert viewing age. Hell, I did watch Fat Albert, and maybe I listened to exactly that speech, and maybe it’s why I’m the goody-two-shoes I am today.

Compare and contrast with his later “pound cake” approach to juvenile crime.

Oh well.


The guards are drawing straws for who gets to be the first to say “you can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your gruel.”



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