Bill Cosby loses appeal, will face sexual assault charge

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It’s a start. How many other men who’ve been beyond the law up until now will start to quake in their boots? Or at least, think twice?


The part I never understood is, he’s an attractive guy, rich and famous. It should not have been much challenge to - yknow - get consent? I guess it’s a power thing.


It worries me that the case is being allowed to go through despite the former prosecutor making a deal. It sounds like the appeals court let it through on procedural grounds. I think there’s a possibility even if convicted, he’ll get it overturned.

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Yeah. I don’t get it either. I can’t perform when a willing partner is just laying there. Much less someone passed out or quasi conscious on drugs.


I couldn’t say if it is a power thing or not (possibly something even more sick). But it is clear such men get something out of rape that they don’t get from consentual sex.

It is one thing of many that I can’t understand.



Rape is much less about sex than it is about sadism. Power and cruelty in action.


And one of the really cool things about having sex is: “somebody wants to do this with ME.” Which is why I don’t understand the appeal of prostitution, where you know EXACTLY how much somebody doesn’t want to do it with you.


I dunno. I would think a good prostitute would at least act like they want to have sex with you. Some of them may even enjoy it. Lots of people enjoy their work.

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Pretending is definitely part of the job description. Most jobs have their up sides. But most jobs are also thing people wouldn’t be doing for free. Things that people will do for free are generally hobbies. I used to say about a hobby of mine…“Its a good thing I’m doing this for free, because you couldn’t pay me enough to do this.”

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Rape and prostitution have about as much in common as pickles and black holes. What an odd connection to make. There are plenty of people out there who don’t base sexual pleasure or enjoyment on the idea that someone else values them - it is in fact fine and healthy to be secure in your own self and not need other people’s approval.

There are many kinds of freak out there - and your portrayal of prostitution as being ‘wrong’ leaves out people who gather to swap partners, have open relationships, engage in gangbangs without even knowing who is involved, etc. There in fact, are many ways for a person to enjoy sex that don’t even involve another person (some of them even more illegal than prostitution in some places).

Massachusetts doesn’t have a law on the books that makes it illegal to marry your neighbor’s horse because they thought it’d be funny back in colonial days.


Porn actor James Deen has sex with beautiful women for a living and he apparently rapes women too. I don’t know exactly what motivates these psychos, but it’s definitely not just about getting laid.


Back in the early 90’s I recall the fact that rape was about power and violence was a shocking and new physiological discovery. The fact that most people seem to ignore that we already know this as a fact shows how much an average person can’t wrap their head around it. Not all sex acts are about … sex oddly enough. Also - men are raped - both by woman and other men. Even when there isn’t a gay component. I knew someone in high school that was a man and raped by 3 other guys. No penis insertion - that’s as much detail as required for the story. The same motivations occur.

The desire to have power over another person is what drives it, along with many types of psychopathic behavior.


Exactly: it’s a sadistic power thing.


Will quake in their boots for his conviction before his day in court? More than a few, and some of them just fine people. The system is catching up with Cosby, it’s not an injustice.

??? Not sure what you’re saying. I mean that other powerful men who have done similar crimes and always gotten away with them – as he did, for decades – might start to realize that they too might find themselves publicly exposed.


My newsreader showed this story like this:

I actually felt sympathy for him for a nanosecond.


maybe I was adding to what you said rather than arguing against your point? Thank you for restating it. I’ll do the same.

More than a few men, including some who are not rapists, are quaking in their boots. I totally agree that some powerful people who are also rapists are worried about this though. He is being charged. Sounds just to me.

As rational discussion goes out the window as soon as the trifecta of rapist, men, and always come into the conversation because of your own or others anecdotes… I am glad that his enablers are not being effective and his victims have finally got the actual Justice System involved. The rumor mill is awful for everyone. Most convicted rapists are men, is a fact. Of the rapists I have known personally, two were men, and one a woman. Its my anecdote. One was convicted.

I do have an informed, first-hand, opinion on these matters, having been told once that it was too long ago for me to do anything about my rape, legally, myself. Good day for the justice system. Go team. Team, not mob. Team.


Except that you can be a sexual sadist and still get consent.
Rape is antisocial behavior. Perhaps the label psychopathic fits. themadpoet got it right in this thread already.

Not trying to pick a fight, I just don’t want to lump rapists and people in the BDSM community together.

Or entitlement.

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