Bill Maher's prediction about Trump's "slow coup" could easily happen

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We’re branding it Bill Maher’s prediction now?

Millions of people have made the same observation.


What happens when two presidential candidates show up on Inauguration Day, both expecting to be sworn in like a bad sitcom pilot?


December 16, 2024. This is the day electors gather to vote for President, Arizona and Wisconsin both send a slate of bogus Trump electors, setting up a showdown on January 6, and daring Kamala Harris to do what Trumpers wanted Mike Pence to do—throw out election results.

At least last time, Pence had the excuse that the so-called Trump slate of electors wasn’t certified by state legislatures; it was just a bunch of rando Republican legislators that pretended there was some sort of competing official results, when in fact there was only one set of official results.

In 2024, obsequious and pliant MAGA/QAnon state legislators will use the power being granted to them by various state laws being passed around the country to override the official results and say, “You know what? Many People Are Saying the election results were fraudulent. Or maybe they weren’t. We don’t have to give a reason. We’re just going to say Trump won because we like him more.” At that point there very well may be competing sets of official electors.


The real question is: what will we do then? After all, the legislatures will have officially undermined democracy at that point. Will millions of those that believe in democracy take to the streets? And if they do, what will they do at that point?

It seems like the right-wing hordes have plans in place, while we on the left believe or hope it will all go away.


Ideally we won’t wait until then to push back against all the election-meddling.


That’s been the situation for the last 40 years for the Dem establishment. Their plan for winning always amounts to “let’s hope we have a presidential candidate with rock star charisma and that the Republicans play fair.” I hope that the DNC wises up in the coming months, but for the moment they seem to be outsourcing their work to The Lincoln Project while they continue to reward DINOs like Manchin and Sinema.


Exactly, and this scenario isn’t lost on Democrats. Bill Maher lost relevance decades ago, now he’s just a preening, self absorbed idiot that tries to pitch himself as intellectual through exactly this sad method; claiming he’s got some insight that’s something everyone else already knew ages ago. His routine of pretending to be a left leaning thinker that trashes the left is especially tiresome. The objective truth is that in the world of modern political thought, Maher doesn’t have a place.


Yuh –– thats why we need to step up the investigation and put trump in fucking jail like now.


since when does Bill Maher get credit for this? ugh.


If Cheeto Benito is in the stripey hole before election day, he’ll have a much harder time campaigning, much less crying foul.

It could happen. I think it’s more likely that he’ll seek asylum in Russia, which could also interfere with campaigning.


I’m glad it’s getting air, and if people want to call it Maher’s Prediction, that’s fine with me.


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Still rooting for him to croak before 2024, it’s very possible.

Maher can go kick rocks barefoot; he’s a rich, old, White, asshole who’s male, so he’ll be fine no matter what happens.


You can be glad the prediction is getting air without being glad Maher is.
(That’s meant to be about attention and not suffocation, honest.)


Well at least he’s saying it out loud in public. If the “scenario isn’t lost on Democrats”, pray WTF are they actually doing about it?


For the people who like Trump, elections and democracy is entertainment. For them, the idea of any politician improving their lives in any concrete way is inconceivable. They probably see a potential fascist coup as an exciting bit of entertainment that will ultimately not change their lives in any meaningful way.

I think the more likely outcome is that the voter suppression will have its intended effect, and Trump will win fairly (I mean in a way that’s technically legal) because Biden will have done nothing meaningful that would motivate the huge blocs of people who don’t usually vote to vote, and Trump’s supporters want their favorite catty reality show betch back.

If we want to counteract Trump, we need to convince people that politics can actually improve people’s lives, which is an uphill battle because in recent memory, it hasn’t. Biden could do a lot of progressive things with executive orders if he wanted to. Getting out of Afghanistan was a good and surprising start, but ultimately we elected Biden, and his signature promise was just to keep the neoliberal ideology of the Obama administration going.



Democrats deserve to lose to the extent that politics is a game, since they have been playing it really poorly. Republicans deserve to lose to the extent that politics is something with real effects on people, all over the world, since they are doing their best to bring about an era of death and despair in order to help make the top 1% even richer.

So, you know, a matter of perspective. /s


It bears repeating!