Beware on January 20, 2025, says Bill Maher

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The key battle will be next year’s mid-terms. Dems need to keep Congress. Nows the time to volunteer, donate, and get ready to vote.


While ever fiber of my being wants to shout fuck you at Maher … I will agree with him here.


Well, he ain’t wrong.


If the Jan6th committee could speed things up a bit that would be GREAT…


At least he is being honest about being out of the country. I can guarantee execs at NBC, the NY Times and other media companies are already forming bugout plans for themselves and their families, but none of them will let those calculations change the way they are putting their thumbs on the scale for the GOP.


We don’t need to wait for that to take action, what happened was obvious, the endgame is obvious.


Don’t forget the battles in various state elections to prevent the election or appointments of political hacks for Secretary of State. One thing that prevented the election from being stolen in 2020 was that a few key election officials in swing states actually took their duties seriously despite being Republicans. Most of those people are gone now.


What’s the point of repeating Bill Maher these days? Especially when all he’s offering is the obvious?


He’s right, but he can’t help showing his smug privilege by adding:

What happens then? That’s when I want to be on vacation in London.

Sure, sit across the ocean watching the U.S. sink into civil war and yell “I told you so” at the TV. Also, keep deluding yourself that Boris’ Brexitland will be much better, assuming they let you overstay your tourist visa.

I’m not so sure. A lot of American executives operate under the delusion that they’ll be spared the worst no matter who wins, certainly to the point where they’re not putting in the non-trivial long-game groundwork for a real escape plan for them, their families, and their finances (which involves more than being on vacation during a particular few weeks).


I cannot agree more. Each one of us who believes in the future of the U.S. needs to get involved, if only in a small way. We have got to overwhelm them with numbers to counterbalance the gerrymandering, corruption, and fraud. We have the numbers on our side, but we have to turn out every single vote in 2022 and 2024.


Could happen. But don’t choose London. Not great there. Move to Carlisle or Durham

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Newcastle upon Tyne.

Lots of people sounding alarms these days.

What you did to help get out the vote last time, you are going to need to do much much more.


I LOATHE Bill Maher.


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He’s never not a self-righteous asshole, even when he’s not wrong. I think it always behooves us to remind people that he’s an ass, though…


Agreed on the taking action part, I was thinking more towards what the findings would mean for those ever present “undecided” voters that always seem to appear. Hopefully the findings will be so overwhelmingly devastating to trump and his cronies it would eliminate any trace of indecision.

Actually, I suspect they’d like to slow things down a little. They want to time the show for late next summer into the fall. They’re counting on that to harm the GOP in elections, because the Dems can’t get it through their thick heads that maybe HELPING people with bills like BBB and the John Lewis voting act are their best shots at making the country a better place and gaining support. Or Biden clearing out all student loan debt. But no, they’ll do nothing and they’ll say Manchin and the CBO is what hurt them, gosh if only they could have done more, but we promise we’ll do so NEXT time, honest.




I’ve been so busy worrying about what would happen if Trump wins the next election (which is possible thanks to Republican state efforts to disenfranchise voters), I never stopped to consider what would happen if he lost. Thanks to those Republican state officials, there wouldn’t be much difference between the two situations.

I can’t get over the irony of Republican voters feeling like they’re being cheated out of elections despite how wildly disproportionate their political power is in reality, between the Senate, gerrymandering of House districts (and not being proportional to population, again benefiting “red” states), and now all the elements of the blatantly partisan efforts by Republicans to just ignore election results entirely… Republicans as a whole seem to have zero self-awareness. (On the other hand, certain Republican politicians that seem to have self-awareness are aware that they’re awful people and revel in it.)