Bill Nye the Funko Pop!

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Yeah. I don’t know what’s up with it.

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Hmmm. Could be anyone. Bill’s most obvious visual characteristic is his long thin face. Funko no go there.


Who the fudge is this “Theendis” chap?

I can’t wait for the ones of the rest of the Almost Live! cast.


Aren’t all Funko_Pop™ heads identical molds (with a bit of distinct paint and perhaps different colored plastic) with distinct little bodies? (such an odd phenomenon… “ey, no odder than @#$ troll dolls”) And are the heads just empty spaces? (wherein contraband various might be stored. “Could you get an esp32 stuffed up in there, that’s what i’d like to know”))

So, a prominent speaker on the dangers of climate change is immortalized in plastic landfill! Why, oh, why are you promoting this?

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