Mr. Rogers as a FunkoPop


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I am never going to be famous, but just in case I accidentally become famous despite myself, I would like to state right now for the record: I do not want to be made into a FuncoPop.


I want this FunkoPop to be my neighbour.


My wife is big into FuncoPops. I resisted for a long time, and I now have three. Invader Zim, GIR and Pig Ship; Bender with a beer; and Rick’s Ship.

But no more! I hope… I hope…


I have a Pop Bob Ross, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this one for some reason.


We’ll turn you into a Nendoroid instead.


Not much of a stretch for GIR to be a FunkoPop.

I luv this show !!


I still don’t quite understand the appeal of taking characters from all aspects of pop culture and giving them all the same gigantic cube heads and dead-eyed, mouthless faces. But if we’re going on the assumption that it’s a good thing to do that, Mister Rogers certainly deserves it.


I want the Babymetal FunkoPop set, but even more, I want the tshirt:


My Zim has three mouths, and their eyes don’t look dead to me. But overall, yeah, I agree.


I dislike the Funko Pops, they’re so generic and i seriously hate the dead doll eyes. You’re almost better off buying a blank figure like a Munny and customizing it.

I do have the Ludo Funko from Labyrinth but it was a gift from my older brother. I like the figure and i didn’t want to be a snob about the gift so i have it on my desk. Definitely would not spend my own money on one though.


OMG! That’s amazing!


I haven’t looked into Munnys in years. This is one my brother made for me based on one of my t-shirt designs (he painted it so the figure was wearing the shirt).

It’s cool they have different shaped heads. I may finally give making one a shot.


I have 2 of their blanks. A Munny and a different one, but i never got around to painting it. Definitely should make a day of it sometime :smiley: Also that painted figure is pretty cool

If you ever wanted to do something a bit more custom you can use air curing polyclay to sculpt on the blank.


Thank you. I’ll look into that.


Some people will go as far as carving into the existing figure and resculpting sections of it… like cutting out the stomach and then with polyclay making the insides or whatever :slight_smile: I’ve been wanting to dip my toes into it for some time but i’ve never pushed myself to actually do it.


That sounds cool too.

I’d be better off planning to work with a base figure for now, and see if I have any aptitude for it before I break out the knives and rotary tool.

While browsing Amazon for Munny options, I ran across this:

And checking the Munny site led me to this:

This sleek, larger-than-life, fiberglass silhouette has a chalkboard finish so you can create a new art masterpiece every day, or simply take notes, write a message for family, or even do the occasional math problem (we don’t judge) and then wipe away and start again!

If someone spends $4,999 + tax on this and uses it for anything as basic as a note board, I’ll judge.


That’s a no from me on the blank funko. I’d rather toss it in a fire :smiley: but the giant munny would be fun

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