I really didn't want another Funko but then Ron Swanson

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No that one is a worthy addition.


I have a vision of the future where the oceans are filled with Funco figures.


Then where will we keep the beanie babies?


Make the addiction stop.

I can’t really judge when i’ve spent $200 on the Fallout Power Armor edition, or the SD line from F4F (a chibi style high end PVC figures)

I also want the addiction to stop lol. But i will judge you for your choice in Funko Pops… sort of. As long as they’re figures you have a connection to that’s all that matters, however the fact that they’re affordable makes impulse buys more of a problem. I tend to mull on my purchases for a longer period of time because of the higher cost.


So… how many Pop figures is that now?

It’s possible that it’s too late. You’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Now you need to track down a Cheshire Cat Pop to lead you out. Better track down two, just in case. And, ooh! Grab a Mad Hatter and Hookah Caterpillar too. May as well get an Alice and complete the set…

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