Billboards go up targeting lawmakers who voted to gut Internet privacy


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Not enough love available for the people who thought this one up.


Well, good! Well done.


Blackburn (the one shown in the pic) tried to stop Chattanooga from setting up their own network. She’s a good little ***** for the ISP’s.


I want their collective heads on pig poles. But this will have to suffice…



Billboards targeting lawmakers who fucked over people who could only afford health care via the ACA.


Where can I donate.


Sounds like you could do with a US version of 38Degrees who have often paid for full page adverts in national press around key campaiging issues.

(38 Degrees being the angle above which an avalanche can start. Anyone can start a petition/campaign using the platform)

Not sure if SumOfUs or may be places for this sort of self-starter campaigning in USA


I still don’t get how the red state governors turned down the ACA Medicaid expansion for their states and took no heat whatsoever for it.

Indigent people who could have received Medicaid didn’t. Over the past 4 years, these people could have been receiving health care. Undoubtedly people have died, for the grand cause of ideological purity.

Somehow, the meme of imaginary Democrat “death camps” strikes a cord, but what are effectively Republican-instituted death penalties, imposed by governors on their states’ poorest, are ignored.

I’d love to see billboards like this in the states where this has transpired, albeit I can already foresee it being fobbed off as carpetbagger/Soros propaganda.


No shit?!? I have nothing but respect for Gig City. Blackburn, weeeeell…



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