Billy Bragg tells a ghost story

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Just here to post another Billy Bragg link, really. Here’s a song about Libertarian politics in New Hampshire, and I like it.

‘Bears don’t always shit in the wood, and freedom don’t come for free’.


Not on Instagram. I guess I’ll never know how it ends. I’m imagining the haunting sound of a child weeping on a foggy night with the distant chimes of the fae folk laughing…


yep, i’m not on Instagram, and i am not going there to find out. guess i’ll never know. i hope billy got his early morning hours pee taken care of!

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Wow, thanks for that. The Billy Bragg recordings I own are from the Help Save the Youth of America period. You’ve shown me another evolution of an incredibly talented performer.

(and yeah, an excuse to post another BB link :wink: )

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@MagicFox and @Franko, just click on the instagram link posted here then swipe left from there for the rest of the story. I don’t have an instagram account either but I read the story. Kind of anticlimactic actually but he goes on about a photo he has after that that’s very interesting.


To remove the tenterhooks, spoiler below, you might prefer not to know.

On the back of the cross there was a barcode from a local garden centre.

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