Billy Corgan is selling off his used gear, including Smashing Pumpkins guitars and amps


Wait What? I’ve been there. Ha. That’s funny. Who wants that honey (for their tea)?


Darnielle is a kickass musician (stating the obvious). I saw them live for the first time about 5 years ago, opening for The New Pornographers. I think they played as a simple 3-piece, but sounded like a 10-piece. What was cool was they took most of their classic songs, messed with the tempo, added a scoop of aggression, and blew the doors off the place.

I would pay good money for a bootleg recording from that tour!

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it’s a Soap Opera, featuring acrobats. Not my cup of tea, but it takes all sorts to fill a freeway.


One thing I learned in life is that you never sell off music equipment and comic books. Oh, and records. Never sell off your records. You may think you’re letting go of the load but there will be a day where you’ll be "damn, I wish I had that Fender bass/issue 127 of Spider-Man, or that Eleventh Dreamday EP.

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Yeah, but that’s why one of my favorite MG songs is his ode, The Legend of Chavo Guererro. So much theater.



Wait! He bought the NWA!!! That’s so fucking wacky!

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Sadly, radio isn’t what it was then. Assuming you’re in the the U.S. mostly because, just a year later, there was the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which deregulated media ownership. Radio companies like Clear Channel (now iHeartMedia or something, I think) went on buying sprees and gobbled up local stations, and put them under centralized management. So even if you have access to a lot of stations, they’re all going to sound basically alike, and radio in one area sounds just like the radio everywhere else too.


Hardly Billy’s fault though, that was my very point in choosing 1995.

Lull and Gish are totally badass. Very important in my evolution as a musician and music listener.

Was excited for Siamese Dream, promptly let down, and that was about it for me. They were badass for a little while there, though.

Smashing Pumpkins was making pretty cool music for a time. They’re no longer a band that i follow, my tastes have intrinsically changed but i’ll give them props for what they did create in their hayday.

Billy Corgan on the other hand…

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I got super into them in college (around the time of Gish and Siamese Dream), my friends and I all dug Mellon Collie (it’s a double album, maaaaan! an artistic statement!) and I even enjoyed a lot of Adore. Haven’t really paid attention to them much since. I will say that they put on one of the worst live performances I’ve ever seen at the SF Tibetan Freedom Concert. After a couple of actual songs, the rest of the set was just Billy producing squealing feedback with his guitar for about a half hour.

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I remember reading or hearing that Billy Corgan was being an asshole to his other band members back in the day saying that he was the main creative talent behind the band. Might be untrue, but he’s always come across as kind of an asshole to me anyway. I still respect the music the band created even if i’ve become less of a fan over the years.

Also i would be so pissed if i went to a concert and there was an extended guitar solo for a half hour. The closest i got to experience was Billy Idol’s guitarist (forget his name) took like 5 minutes to do some really impressive solo work, but it was mind blowing so he gets an A+ from me.

It all changed when he shaved his head.

Nah. I saw one of those at one of their shows. Because I was expecting it, and a sullen teen (albeit in my early 20s) at the time, I liked his utter driving trollies of the audience, and he and Iha had the chops for it.

Chamberlain was the talent. His jazz drumming carried their above average riffing over the hump of mediocrity.

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