Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan joins professional wrestling




Rat in a cagematch.



There’s been persistent rumours that Corgan’s interested in buying TNA too. Given the problems there’s been recently with paying performers and crew (contributing to the departure of one of their top stars) and the lack of support from their TV channel, if Dixie Carter ever does decide to sell, she could do a lot worse.


Pffftt, Bob Mould did it decades ago…


Despite all his rage…


The only real wrasslin’ organization is/was the AWA!
R.I.P. Verne Gagne

I was hoping that Billy was doing an Andy Kaufman…


O hell, I’ll take him on! Even if he kicks my ass, I got my ass kicked by Billy Corgan!



clears throat Although I watched AWA on tv, too…

Also, GLOW was fantastic…




Oh my god, remember the Ric Flair/Ricky Steamboat feud of the 1980s… Good times:

I should look up old matches on the youtube from NWA/WCW back before they got bought out by the WWF… BRB.


Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte is just crushing it in NXT at the moment as well.


Gawd, Flair’s daughter is a wrestler… I haven’t watched wrestling in ages really, like… 25 or so years, probably. I guess I was into it when the old regional system was finally giving way to the national syndication model of the WWF.


While we’re on the subject, Richie Steamboat (Ricky’s son) has called time on his in-ring career due to an ongoing injury and there’s a few 3rd gens doing the rounds including Larry “The Axe” Hennig’s grandkid, Curtis “confetti nipples” Axel.


OMG… I’m so old.


Just because (and for @SmashMartian), here’s a pic of Mr. Andre in Cannes, 1967: (just showed up in my newsfeed)


That’s a great photo. The camera angle and tiny people in the background really make it. :smile:


What the heck, might as well fully hijack the thread…
My friend’s dad just died last year… He was a football player (Rams/Eagles) in the 60’s and in the off season he was part of a tag team – The Wrestling Rams.
Gone but not forgotten: Professional wrestling lost memorable names in 2014 - Post and Courier

Don Chuy had a short-lived career in the squared circle, but was a fan favorite in the Mid-Atlantic area during the mid-'60s.

Chuy played college football at Clemson under legendary coach Frank Howard before turning pro as a first-team lineman for the Los Angeles Rams. In the offseason he teamed with Notre Dame product and fellows Rams lineman Joe Carollo as The Wrestling Rams. Both were later traded to the Philadelphia Eagles.