Billy Corgan is selling off his used gear, including Smashing Pumpkins guitars and amps


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Please tell me this means we never have to hear anymore of his narcissistic crap on the radio.


Please tell me he’s not retiring!


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Any reason for the sale? He hard up for cash?


Did you have to? Back in 1995 my radio had so many stations to choose from.

I used to know a narcissist. He’d to listen to talk radio, to have something for us to complain about. If you ever do meet one in real life, don’t tell them you know!

Maybe they could have used it for this though:


If he’s selling his gear, then sadly not. He’s interested in right wing talk radio, conspiracy theories and Alex Jones now.


see my comment above. Ha!


So I guess this is more like a cry for help.

Perhaps he’s trying to raise enough funds for a self-sufficient doomsday ranch in Montana.


And pro wrestling!


Those guys were out trolling in my neighborhood for people to argue with c2011. Funniest thing, one of them tried to pick a fight with me about his hiter-mustache-obama photo from across the street. Yelled something about some bullshit or another and I kept walking.

But then I got home, few blocks away, and got my camera, walked back and stood across the street and appeared to take photos of him for about a minute. I did not. Then I looked him in the eye, gave him a friendly wave, and walked away. I was provoked by his sign, but I didn’t get within 50 feet of him.

They’d been at the same spot for a week at least. Gone within the hour. I had no idea I’d have such an impact. Maybe I flatter myself, but I definitely gave him a creeper vibe without doing a single thing anyone else would have noticed. I imagine he wondered who the photos were for, I must be a deep agent, yadda yadda yadda.


I understand he’s had to deal with depression and other things in his life, but he really seems to be following that path celebrities like Mel Gibson or Randy Quaid have taken. Disappointing, really.

And if there’s any Smashing Pumpkins memorabilia I’d like, it would be to have my Siamese Dream tour shirt returned - that some asshole stole from me in the space of 30 seconds while my back was turned. In good condition.


I bet Macy’s stole it.


I heard a Smashing Pumpkins song on the radio on the way to the store tonight…
“Billy Fucking Corgan” escaped my lips.
My grandkids just looked this way >.> and that way <.<
LOL, it was perfect.


I’ve never had an interest in pro wrestling, but I would pay to see that. Billy Corrigan vs., well, everybody. Bring back Celebrity Deathmatch!

Despite all his rage, he’s still just trapped in his cage. Which devastating dome will prevail?

He’s somebody who I think has a half nugget or so of wisdom locked under too many other layers of whatever.


Yeah, but The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle has been a pretty big fan of professional wrestling since childhood, and I consider him to be pretty wise. Definitely not crazy.


Haven’t heard that name since the late 1980ies/early 1990ies…
If that’s what Corgan is into these days, I hope the money he raises from the sale goes into analyst’s fees.


Wow, that’s nutter stuff right there. I was obsessed with Billy Corgan as a teenager. My first concert was their Mellon Collie tour when I was 14. I’ve long since moved on, but geez, that makes for sad reading.


I like watching ridiculous pro wrestling matches sometimes, too – heck they’re a lot of fun. But Billy Corgan isn’t just a big fan, he’s been a writer, producer, creative director, and president of pro wrestling companies for years. And now he’s just bought the NWA, the National Wrestling Alliance. So that might be his focus these days more than songs about rats, cages, etc.

Plus he still owns and runs a coffeeshop.


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