Bird flight, bug gaits, and animal walks: fascinating videos for animators

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Idk, seems like taking your own video from life observation if possible would be far more informative? You can catch odd behavioral tics as well as vocalizations.

Im guessing the animators for Finding Nemo, tho stylizing the birds, obviously did accurate gulls based on observation? Then they capped it with one of the best nonliteral animal impressions by having them say “Mine! Mine!” That is so perfect…

I think the Disney artists drew/worked in part from life on movies like Bambi, yes?

Also “average bird” is kind of nonsense, yes?

Nice videos tho!, lol.


Those are really good. I’ve given talks where I was explaining different arthropod gaits, and took that video for next time.


Amazing resources, not just for animators, but for anyone doing a general interest presentation about critters.

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And I’ll admit I was a little distracted by the dog’s bollocks. There’s nothing wrong with showing an intact male dog, but I’ll be damned if I pass up a chance to use that phrase literally.

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