Douchebag centaur kills bird with stone for no reason


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Hopefully less racist than Fantasia’s centaurs too.

Beautiful, it reminds me of Maxfield Parrish. Also, the bird was a spy.

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Nature. Red in tooth and hoof.

Christ, what an asshole.

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He also did an animation of the Sinking of the Lusitania. You can see the film on…

This version does not really do justice to the original drawings. I have seen some of them around the 7 minute mark where we can see people jumping off the bows of the boat as it sunk: sixteen obsessively detailed Little Nemo quality hand drawings a second. I did hand drawn animations in my youth using a Zenith 8mm camera, and I know whereof I speak; daamn, that’s bonkers hard work.

The quality of movement is quite possibly partially due to rotoscoping. McKay experimented with it in some of his films, and the movement of the centaurs’ upper bodies occasionally have the feel of rotoscoped animation.

I’m pretty sure McKay also used rotoscoping for the scene at the end of “Gertie the Dinosaur” where he magically stepped into the film and took a ride on her back.

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It’s also noted for the first appearance of Bobby Hill.

That would have been my thought birds used as spies is a classic narrative device.

But it’s also buzzard/vulture type carrion eater bird.
Could it be it was threatening sleeping centaur children.
Come to think of it: didn’t the popeye cartoons feature evil buzzard like birds that wanted to carry off sweet pea? I think those were even under the control of a witch so the spy fits.

I think the kid centaur was having a conniption fit toward the end.


That duck killed his Father so that was totally justified under centaur law. But let’s get to the real issue, am I the only one amazed by the wicked short centaur gestation period? That was quick!

McCay often threw in extraneous movement to keep it interesting.

“This shot needs something.”
“I dunno, make a bird fly through.”
“How about it turns into a robot with a lot of cool weapons?”
“Hey, who’s the pioneering genius here – just make him throw a rock at it… Robots, pshh…”

So the script is lost too?

Looked to me like something from a Cyriak video. I kept expecting him to grow more legs.

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