How animators create realism by exaggerating movement


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I should hope so; Roger Rabbit was a very conscious effort to imitate animation styles of the past, including very deliberate homages to animators like Chuck Jones and Tex Avery.


There’s not much to view yet, but his current project is being animated as realistically as possible –




There has been much hilarity found in freeze-framing Disney films. Another thing largely lost in CG.


It’s not really a technique that’s common in the industry. In fact it’s a technique that nearly bankrupted the it’s pioneer on several occasions.


I can’t believe that an animated GIF taken from a perfectly looped animation wasn’t properly looped. Disappointing.


I remember watching that animation of A Christmas Carol when I was a kid and being blown away by the drawings. If you like animation that is well worth finding and watching.


giphy which i use only allows clipping by 1/10th of a second, not by frame. other suggestions welcome.


Hi Andrea. The animation has a perfect loop of exactly 1 second. You can start anywhere after the dachshund is in its place (and at least one second before the title appears). So, even if Giphy only allows clipping by 1/10th of a second, it works perfectly for this particular loop. See my settings below, I set the duration to 1.0 seconds, starting at 00:07.

The resulting GIF is here, it is a perfect loop:


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