The 3 Rules of Living Animation


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I believe the Disney Imaginers call that kind of thing “plussing.” It’s part of the corporate culture there.


I liked the video but saying that the wya the animation in Mary Poppins is done breaks the illusion is a bit much. People, hyperbole is not necessary to sell your point.


A fantastic reminder of what a great film Roger Rabbit is, and why Richard Williams is one of the greatest animators of all time.


I was trying to sell someone on The Thief and the Cobbler a while ago, but couldn’t really suggest anything else he’d done aside from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. But then, perhaps there is no need to suggest anything else.


Thief & the Cobbler is tough. Individual bits are visual masterpieces, some of the most jaw-dropping animation ever put on screen, but as a movie, it’s honestly not that engaging. And your two choices are either the hacked-to-bits version on DVD or the “Recobbled Cut” which is like 1/3 test animation and storyboards.

Besides his TV commercials, probably the one thing besides Roger Rabbit worth watching is his version of A Christmas Carol, which looks like moving Victorian engravings.

I’m extremely curious to see the movie he’s working on now, which he says will be the culmination of everything he’s learned.


I found no hyperbole in that statement at all.

Even as a kid I couldn’t stand to watch them pretend to see the cartoons in Mary Poppins. When I saw Roger Rabbit I totally believed every second of it.


Fair enough.

Let’s agree, Who framed Roger Rabbit is a great movie, I loved it. I love the animation in Mary Poppins too maybe a little bit more. For reference, I was born in 77, perhaps that shaped my expectations for each movie?


I was born in 72 but didn’t see Mary Poppins until some time in the 80s.

On reflection, I think it’s just how flat the animation in Mary Poppins looks when put next to real people. I love the animation but they don’t seem to occupy the same world at all. Roger Rabbit characters actually seem to be in the same physical space.


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