They never seem to animate drums correctly

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There is a very long list of things than animators are neither scheduled enough time, nor paid enough, to animate properly.
Sometimes this list even includes things like ‘picking up objects’ and ‘walking’.

The traditional management response to an animator pointing out something is wrong is an exasperated “NOBODY WATCHING CARES!”


Animating guitar isn’t any better. (with one exception…Coco)


obligatory sakamichi no apollon counterexample: Kids On The Slope Trailer - YouTube


Came to say the same. Lee Unkrich, the director of Coco, talked about how much the animators grumbled about how hard it was to animate the fingers and fretwork all correctly, but they all agreed afterward about how happy they were with the result.

He’d gotten similar grumbles when he directed “Toy Story 3” and gave the animators the task of animating the trash bag sequence. The geometry of garbage bags turns out to be extremely tricky to get just right, and the animators all knew how much of a chore it would be.

But again, the results were worth it. Pixar maintained the excellent course when animating Joe Gardner’s hands to match the moves of Jon Batiste. Difficult and exacting work, but beautiful results.


However, there are still a few areas where animation could improve.

Does anyone really want to live in a world where Fred Flintstone drives the Flintmobile past an accurate representation of Bedrock? I mean, the fact that the wraparound background keeps repeating as he speeds off is pure joy. Every time.

The difference between animation and how stuff works in the real world is a fundamental part of its cognitive fascination. Just ask Wile E. Coyote.

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That’s called a movie and I vaguely recall that they made one. I’ve been amused by some of the “What they’re actually playing” videos but I’m not about to take them seriously or demand more accuracy!

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