YouTuber turns himself into real-life cartoon character with VFX magic

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Rotoscoping goes way back to the earliest days of animation. Fleischer Studios was doing it since at least 1917, and many sequences in classic Disney movies and others were done by rotoscoping live actors.


And Ralph Bakshi took it to new heights!

I kinda liked it… feels like 90s grunge rock videos with a shiny Mylar protective coating. I will have to check out some more.

Also - was that an ad for Bud Lite?

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He was certainly resourceful. I liked this bit from Wikipedia:


Movie trivia: Actor William Squire had to wear over 70 pounds of acrylic paint for his onscreen role as Gandalf in Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings.

My favorite story is him punching one of the people who kept fucking around the script on Cool World.

I wish I had seen that movie in the 90s, it was both a hot mess and awesome.

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I don’t know who was primarily responsible for dicking around with that story but I couldn’t wrap my brain around how nonsensical the plot was.

Brad Pitt: [Gets transported to Cool World]
Professor Guy: Ah, welcome human! We can use someone like you. We desperately need a cop to enforce the law here.
Brad Pitt: What are the laws here?
Professor Guy: There’s actually only one. Humans can’t f*** cartoon characters.
Brad Pitt: So there are other humans in this world?
Professor Guy: Nope, just you.
Brad Pitt: Wait, what?
Professor Guy: That’s right. Your sole responsibility is celibacy. Here’s your badge!


It’s been awhile since I saw this “making of” video, but it was one of those things plagued by studio interference, as well as Kim Bassinger having ideas about the movie direction.

IIRC it is a highly compromised script from what Bakshi wanted to do, and much tamer. (IIRC, the original idea was much more adult, and having sex with the cartoons was the whole point of the original plot).

I wish I had seen this in the 90s, but enjoyed it when I finally did. It is flawed for sure, but I still really like a lot of the animation. And the soundtrack was great, I really need to track it down.


Yeah, I was thinking Kevin from Sin City but also those antagonists from the movie Ink.


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