Bishop revokes Middle school status as 'Catholic' due to flying Pride and Black Lives Matter flags

I don’t want to see who they pick as antipope. It would probably end up being Donald Trump by acclamation or some bullshit.


Is there an Avignon, TX or something, do you think?


If Mar-a-Lago ends up being a seperate nation state from the US which Trump can’t leave, then that might be a bright side…

No, I’m still not a fan.


The Bishop is picking a fight with the Jesuits. It seems that it will not go well for him.


I would like to see an invasion of the Swiss guard and Swiss mercenaries against the Florida National Guard De Santis Guard Regiment


He’ll recruit “African American” mercenaries.

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Hilary went to the Catholic Church
Because she wanted information
[The vicar or whatever took her to one side
And gave her confirmation,
Saint Theresa’s calling her
The church up on the hill is looking lovely
But it didn’t interest, the only things she wants to know is
How and why and when and where to go
How and why and when and where to follow
How and why and when and where to go
How and why and when and where to follow

I guess this is obligatory…

Not all of them. There is certainly a very conservative set of American Catholics, but there is a long history of radical progressives in the church in the US… Dorothy Day for example:

But certainly, some conservative catholics have aligned with the white evangelical movement - Justice Barrett comes to mind.


I’ve experienced both sets of Catholics in my own family. I was never baptized as my parents didn’t think religion is something that should be chosen for you, yet my Mom’s brothers are both conservative Catholics, while my grandparents were far more progressive Catholics. I remember my Grandma telling me about the time she wrote letters to politicians supporting the legalization lf medical marijuana in the early 80’s when an aunt I never met was diagnosed with cancer.


I look forward to his Assholiness taking similar actions for groups that support the death penalty.

Cafeteria Catholic.


According to all the articles on the subject the school gets no funding from the church making this an even odder situation.


Catholicism isn’t a lifestyle choice, mom!!

Oh, wait, yeah it is.


Our daughter is 20 years out of a Catholic high school (boy am I old) it was a small school, just 50 kids in her class. There were a few gay kids, everyone knew and no one cared. She’s still friends with those kids today.

Seems like this guy is going out on his own or the church is going backwards, more so than usual.

I bet this gets reversed.

But if the school gets no funding from the church I wonder why they want the Catholic designation.


Because it is run by the Jesuits, which makes it a Catholic school no matter what the local bishop thinks.



“Blessed are the poor” is also being retconned out of the liturgy, in favor of “ALL economic statuses matter”. RW Catholoc Jesus also advocates brings healing to the healthy and feeding the well fed. The sighted shall see and the limber shall walk.


The “all lives matter” people who object to “black lives matter” … do they object to the silent, preceding “only” that the rest of us can’t read? Do the same people say “all vitamins are important” when they’re told “getting enough vitamin C is important to your health”?
Obviously this is a rhetorical question. Our common humanity means that “all lives matter” is a given. If you object to the notion that black lives matter, you object to the notion that all lives matter. It’s not treating one race as special, it is merely acknowledging that racism exists, that young black people are being killed by racist white cops at a disproportionate scale.


I understand how supporting LGBTQ+ pride can be interpreted as standing in opposition to the Church’s official (bigoted) stance on sex & marriage but I don’t get what they’re saying in the second part here. Doesn’t “the Church certainly stands unequivocally behind the phrase ‘black lives matter’” mean they do understand and support the message “Black Lives Matter”?


It’s certainly possible that this guy is just a jerk on his own initiative; but it also wouldn’t be a total surprise if we are looking at the particular flavor of reactionary east coast irish-american still tinged by a practically tribal affiliation with the cops and their perceived interests going right back to the time when entering law enforcement was an important step into whiteness.

(edit: would it be excessively snide to note that DUI and leaving the scene of an accident does not suggest a strong commitment to the idea that all lives matter?)


“That ‘eye of a needle,’ it’s just a metaphor …”

“A metaphor for what?”

“… uh, for how rich people have magic powers!”


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